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The Asia international logistics technology and transport system exhibition opened in Shanghai on Oc

Data: 2018-03-12
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The Asia international logistics technology and transport system exhibition opened in Shanghai on October 27.


Annually by the China federation of logistics and purchasing, Chinese mechanical engineering society, Hanover milan exhibition company co-sponsored ASIA international logistics technology and transport system (CeMAT ASIA) of the exhibition will be held on October 27 in Shanghai new international expo center, as the largest in ASIA, one of the most important logistics technology, CeMAT ASIA has long been in the industry as a logistics equipment manufacturing a about new technology, new products in the field of communication. The CeMAT ASIA, more than 40000 square meters of three pavilions stand area, exhibited 500 exhibitors from various countries and regions around the world blockbuster launch of products, from more than 80 countries and regions are expected to attract more than 70000 professional visitors. CeMAT ASIA, with 190 cooperation media and 72 countries across the world, is famous all over the world.

CeMAT ASIA 2014 conveys the concept of "industry 4.0" proposed by the German government, which is in line with the theme of "Smart-Integrated-Efficient" in CeMAT, Germany in 2014. As a leader in the field of global equipment manufacturing, the German manufacturing industry has continuously improved global competitiveness through continuous changes and innovation. At hannover messe 2013 officially launched the "4.0" industrial projects to "smart factory" and "intelligent" as the two themes, "industrial 4.0" concept has been widely considered by academia and industry is based on intelligent manufacturing as the leading factor of the fourth industrial revolution. Concept of "industrial 4.0" vision of the future is that the Internet of things and service interconnection technology will permeate all the key areas, the process of creating new value gradually changed, the industrial chain division of labor will restructure, traditional industry boundaries will disappear, and at the same time produce various new forms of activities and cooperation. Unlike the three popular American industrial revolutions, Germany describes advances in manufacturing technology as the fourth stage of the industrial revolution following mechanization, electricity and information technology.

In 2014, the theme of CeMAT exhibition in Germany is exactly the perfect interpretation of the concept of "industry 4.0". It mainly shows in the supply chain plays an important role in integrated logistics chain intelligent management, looking forward to through to the cash-flow and the flow of information and efficient management to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, to respond to market the logistics system of the growing demand for the flexible innovation.

From Germany in 2014 and thousands of miles away in China, the development of the logistics industry is clearly ascending to the fundamental and strategic position, and related ministries and commissions under the state council are to formulate and issued a series of regulations and standards, starting logistics project funding, subsidies freight logistics enterprises to promote good policy, the government attaches great importance to make the development of China's logistics industry once again usher in large opportunities. At the same time, the convenience of food supply chain security, free trade area of the preparation of examination and approval, cross-border business is the development of increasingly universal attention and hot topic, the future of the logistics industry is closely related to most People's Daily lives.

With the vigorous development of the global manufacturing industry and China's logistics industry, the logistics equipment manufacturing industry is moving forward continuously, and CeMAT ASIA is undoubtedly the forefront of the industry trend display. Emerging products and high-end technology convergence, the promotion here, in-depth exchanges and cooperation to carry out here, continue, CeMAT ASIA is a "museum" of the development of the logistics equipment manufacturing technology, and logistics equipment industry hot market "barometer", is leading the industry development of an international event.

At the same time, CeMAT ASIA makes unremitting efforts towards the market and users. Retail, food, automobile, electricity, medicine, third party logistics, supply chain, electronics manufacturing and other industries of the professional audience, will enjoy for the visit of the key industries provide services, business matching service for buyers to purchase demand, regular visits for the key buyers will direct docking requirements on both sides, and the blockbuster launch CeMAT ASIA 2014 is innovation will embark on a full range of manufacturers and users together into ac... It is these intimate services that further fuel the spread of new products and technologies, making them land in the field of application and translate into real productivity.

With the innovation spirit of German manufacturing industry, CeMAT ASIA 2014 still has not disappointed the majority of "fans", and continues to present a new bright spot for the audience. The concept of "industry 4.0" aims to establish a highly flexible personalized and digital product and service mode, which will be intelligent throughout the production and management. CeMAT 2014 "smart - integrated - efficient" theme also highlights the intelligent management of integrated logistics chains that play an important role in the entire supply chain. As well as intelligent integration - high efficiency "as the theme of CeMAT ASIA 2014 in the past we are very familiar with the area (including forklift and accessories, lifting equipment and shelves, system integration and solutions, transport equipment, pallets and shelves, automatic guided AGV moving, automatic identification, packaging equipment, etc.), special robot added logistics zone and machine vision. As robots have been widely introduced into the supply chain of each link, intelligent manufacturing and management has become a hot issue at all walks of life, in urgent need to improve the labor productivity, reduce the cost of manufacturing and logistics industry become a new focus more. In early 2014, the ministry issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of the industrial robot industry, development to meet user requirements of industrial robot system integration technology, design of the host and key parts and components manufacturing technology, break through a number of core technologies and key components, to improve the reliability and stability of the enormous quantity wide mainstream products, promote the industrial robot in the field of important industrial scale application demonstration. The introduction of this document foreshadows the future development of robots in China. So what are the new products for CeMAT ASIA 2014, and what impact will they have on traditional production and management concepts? Please wait and see!

In addition, CeMAT ASIA 2014 will bring you a refreshing "food feast" during the four-day exhibition, which is the innovative salon activity that was launched in this exhibition. CeMat ASIA innovation salon 2014 aimed at buyers for logistics equipment manufacturers, system integrators and users, industry associations and the media to provide a communication platform neutrality, open, free, invite giant gathered from all walks of life, common communication technology development, sharing application case and discusses the future trend. Activities organizer China federation of logistics and purchasing, Chinese mechanical engineering society, Hanover milan exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD will be hand in hand the world alliance of material handling (WMHA), the European association for material handling (FEM), Germany fo lown hoff logistics institute (Fraunhofer on IML), Japan machinery association (JIMH) logistics system, lifting transportation machinery design and research institute of Beijing (BMHRI), logistics engineering branch of Chinese mechanical engineering society (CLEI) and China construction machinery industry association vehicles branch (CITA) and other support units, Together, we will create a rich "spiritual feast" for you. We believe that you will be able to get a lot of dry goods in one brainstorming session after another. CeMAT ASIA innovation salon set 2014 a total of six themes, respectively is: focus on global logistics operation, behind the scenes of the food supply chain and security, electricity business, logistics and supply chain, third-party cross-border electrical business, warehousing and logistics equipment in traditional retail, under the new situation of the application of the transformation and challenges of the warehouse, involving electricity, retail, FMCG, clothing, daily chemical, food, cold chain, and other fields, for the industry and even the whole society the focus of the hot issues discussed. Guests participating in enterprise have the amazon, jingdong, shop no. 1, gome online, networking in the warehouse, the DHL, the wharf, hair net, such as, giant attend the salon activities make the innovation to become a must-see industry awards. Innovative salon adopts a variety of participation methods including keynote speech and round table discussion. To the success of innovation salons, opened up a W1 museum organizers specially B1 exclusive booth, the booth of the salon, believe every one to the guest by the dynamic new products and new technology of infection, will frequently collision sparks of thought. We hereby invite you to join the industry leaders and make your own voice!

CeMAT ASIA 2014 has prepared a rich visual and spiritual feast for you. We look forward to meeting with you in Shanghai in October to share the achievements and joy of innovation in China's logistics equipment manufacturing industry.

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