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The national standard of goods has been revised for more than two years.

Data: 2018-03-12
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In order to meet the needs of modern logistics development, in 2012, the relevant departments of the state initiated the revision of the national standard GB1589 "road vehicle external profile dimensions, axle load and quality limit".

Now, the revision has lasted two years. What has happened to the domestic logistics industry in two years? What consensus has the relevant authorities reached on the revision of GB1589 standard? How will these changes affect the current logistics industry? Recently, the secretary general of the China federation of logistics and purchasing, ma zengrong, made a detailed introduction to the revision of the standard.

The development of logistics in China has put forward new requirements for logistics equipment.

"In 2013, China's GDP grew by 7.7 percent compared with the same period last year, but logistics freight volume increased by 9.9 percent and road logistics volume increased by 11.3 percent. This series of data shows that the growth rate of China's logistics industry is higher than the GDP growth rate. Ma Zengrong said, from the perspective of the trajectory of western developed countries, at present our country is in the later period of the development of the industrialization, the typical features of this period, is a heavy industry (live and related industries) line of rapid development. Heavy industry has entered a period of rapid development, which means that the amount of material it produces is also rising rapidly. "' living 'and' walking 'are reflected in the current situation, which is the rapid development of urbanization and automobile industry. The rapid development of these two industries is enough to support the rapid development of China's logistics industry in recent years."

Along with the rapid development of logistics industry, further the Ma Zengrong said, the domestic logistics industry, especially in highway logistics industry is in a "upgrade" in the process of the upgrade process logistics equipment put forward higher request to our country.

"The consolidation and upgrading of the logistics industry is first manifested in the integration of logistics infrastructure services companies. The second kind of integration is the integration of professional logistics. The logistics enterprises that penetrate into the professional services are moving from the former to the mature stage, such as the transport logistics, medical transportation, cold chain transportation, etc. The integration of the third class upgrade, is the logistics industry is increasingly dependent on the application of science and technology, the informationization of logistics industry the traditional process of upgrade, and with the improvement of labor costs, more high-tech equipment in logistics industry.

Ma Zengrong conclude, therefore, the domestic logistics industry is an urgent demand for safe and efficient logistics equipment, and with the logistics industry development puts forward higher requirements to logistics equipment, GB1589 revision becomes very necessary.

A number of improved road vehicle limits are being revised.

"The revision of GB1589 was started two and a half years ago. The most recent meeting was held in Beijing on April 11, and several ministries and corresponding technical authorities have made a communication."

Mr. Ma said there is still some disagreement about the content, and that it is still asking for advice and collecting technical information. The revised content has been identified in terms of vehicle width, vehicle length and higher vehicle level.

"The width of the car is 2.5 meters wide and the next step will be 2.55 meters. This is mainly to consider, now unitized logistics if add the box body, two loading and unloading to leave a certain gap, the original 2.5 meters wide will be slightly narrow. As a result, the width of the vehicle increased to 2.55 meters on the original 2.5 meters.

As for refrigerated vehicles, ma added that because of the temperature control, the vehicle width limit of the refrigerated vehicle will be further improved, reaching 2.6 meters.

"As far as the conductor is concerned, our domestic trucks are required by European standards and the locomotive is flat. But now there is a view that America's long cars are safer. The original plan is that if the introduction of vehicles, vehicle, limit can increase 1 to 2 meters, however, at present this disagreement, ministries that the part of the European standard, part adopts the American standard, the content is a bit messy. In addition, by adding 1 to 2 meters, there will be no uniform standard for the locomotive, resulting in an uncontrollable situation.

In terms of the height of freight vehicles, ma added that the average transport vehicle would maintain the previous high limit of 4 meters. However, for container trucks, the added value of 0.2 meters will be given.

In addition, in the new GB1589 revision, there will also be additional special standards for saddle and sedan vehicles. "The height of the saddle may also be regulated in the future," ma said. Because the height of the saddle is inconsistent, it will make it difficult to carry out the transport. This standard will be mentioned in the new GB1589. Car car carrier are now semi-trailer, may introduce the mode of transportation of the train in the future, with the trailer behind the rear axle add a section, the length is 20 meters in a foreign country, considering the reality of China, the length at home may be up to 24.5 meters, so the car car carrier as a special transport vehicles, will be reflected in the new standards."

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