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Advantages of mobile boarding bridge

Data: 2020-06-07
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Mobile hydraulic boarding bridges are widely used in cargo platforms without loading and unloading equipment and mobile loading and unloading places, and are special auxiliary equipment for cargo handling used in conjunction with forklifts. The advantage is that with the help of this equipment, the forklift can drive directly from the ground into the interior of the car compartment for batch loading and unloading operations. The product adopts artificial hydraulic power and does not need to be connected to power supply. Only one person is required to operate the cargo, which can be safely and quickly loaded and unloaded. It can reduce the labor intensity of enterprises, double the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, speed up the flow of goods, and obtain greater economic benefits.

Mobile hydraulic boarding bridges include manual, electric, manual + electric mobile boarding bridges, which have the advantages of flexible movement, stable lifting, easy operation, and large load capacity.

Features of Sanneng Mobile Hydraulic Boarding Bridge:

1. A brake pad is attached to prevent the boarding axle from shifting during cargo loading and unloading.

2. The hand-cranked hydraulic pump is used as the power, and the height of the boarding bridge can be easily adjusted without external power supply.

3. The adjustable hanging chain can be easily matched with various trucks.

4. The driving power of the hydraulic boarding axle uses a full hydraulic drive, which can achieve safe and reliable operation during the operation.

5. The sealing device uses imported products, and the sealing performance is guaranteed.

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Advantages of mobile boarding bridge

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