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Working principle of hydraulic scissor lift unloading platform

Data: 2020-05-10
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Shenzhen Sanneng Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer specializing in the production of elevator lifting platform equipment. Sanneng has a wide variety of elevator equipment, mainly two types of hydraulic unloading platforms, fixed lifts and mobile lifts. Scissor lift platforms are one of them. Let us take a look at the working principle of the hydraulic lifting platform.

Working principle of scissor lift unloading platform: it is a kind of elevator equipment composed of hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism and support mechanism for lifting goods. The bottom layer of the structure is a lift. According to the lifting principle of the lift, the lift platform or freight elevator is transported to the high level through the lift at the bottom. The hydraulic oil is formed with a certain pressure by the vane pump, and enters the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder through the oil filter, electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, check valve, and balance valve, so that the piston of the liquid cylinder moves upward, that is, the cargo rises. On the contrary, the piston of the hydraulic cylinder moves downward (that is, the cargo falls).

The hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of vertical lifting equipment used for aerial work in indoor and outdoor work. Widely used in the installation, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, etc. of high-altitude equipment in factories, warehouses, hotels, buildings, restaurants, high halls, airports, automobile 4S shops, docks, etc., and between floors Cargo lifting, the deployment of rescue work, elevated pipelines, construction, municipal engineering, electric power, firefighting advertisements and other places, a wide range of applications.

Working principle of hydraulic scissor lift unloading platform

Working principle of hydraulic scissor lift unloading platform

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