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How to use a simple manual height adjustment plate

Data: 2020-01-17
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The simple manual height adjustment board, also called manual boarding bridge board, is a simplified boarding bridge that can adjust the height difference between the platform and the car, smoothly connecting the car and the platform to make the goods smoothly Transition from warehouse to carriage. The simple manual boarding bridge is also called simple height adjustment board. It has low cost, simple operation, no special personnel to operate, no power loss, and can work even when there is no electricity.

1. First, open the rear door of the car and fasten it to both sides of the car, then back up the car against the anti-collision rubber pads on both sides of the pit of the boarding bridge and brake the car (hand brake is tightened).

2. Close the main power switch in the electric control box, press the operation button, the fixed boarding bridge panel slowly rises, when it reaches the maximum height, the front board of the boarding bridge starts to extend, when the board rises to the panel When the button is released on the same plane, the panel and the landing board will slowly descend in the same plane. The landing board will naturally rest on the bottom of the rear compartment of the car. The mutual contact is not less than 100mm.

3. If the bottom of the carriage is lower than the height of the platform where the boarding bridge is installed, while releasing the button to lower the panel, tighten the small chain to make the support foot deviate from the gap of the support pad, the panel and the landing plate can be lowered below the month At the platform height, until the landing plate falls to the lower inner floor of the carriage.

4. After the work is completed, press the operation button, the panel and the board rise together, the car drives away, release the button, and the panel automatically falls back into place.

5. Finally, cut off the main power switch (long-term use can put some grease for lubrication, which can increase the service life).

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How to use a simple manual height adjustment plate

How to use a simple manual height adjustment plate

How to use a simple manual height adjustment plate

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