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Hydraulic tail plate working principle of hydraulic lifting tail plate of van

Data: 2020-03-07
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Hydraulic tail plate The working principle of the hydraulic lift tail plate of the van truck As an important tool in the place of cargo handling, hydraulic lift tail plate, adjustment plate / boarding bridge are the two most common loading and unloading equipment in our lives. The hydraulic lift tail plate is added with a panel on the rear door of the car. It can be flipped and lifted by remote control in two states, and the vehicle battery is used as the power source.

Hydraulic tail plate The working principle of the hydraulic lifting tail plate of the van truck The main structure is the panel, bracket and hydraulic system. Panel materials are mainly divided into steel panels and aluminum alloy panels. Steel panels are durable, large in carrying capacity and low in price; aluminum alloy panels are light in weight, corrosion-resistant and slightly higher in price. The length of the arm is divided into short arm and long arm, and the installation is judged according to the height of the truck from the ground. For example, the height of the ground is less than 1250mm, the short arm is installed; The most important part in the hydraulic system is the oil cylinder. The oil cylinder is the most critical part of the hydraulic lifting tail plate. The quality of the oil cylinder directly affects the service life of the hydraulic lifting tail plate. Sanneng electromechanical hydraulic lifting tail plate hydraulic cylinders use nickel-plated pistons and dustproof rubber sleeves, which greatly reduces the problems of the oil cylinder and greatly increases the service life of the oil cylinder.

Hydraulic tail plate working principle of hydraulic lifting tail plate of van

Commonly used car tail plates are mainly divided into the following three types:

1. The cantilevered tail plate has a more complex structure, a larger load capacity, and an adjustable plate angle. It is suitable for various vans and has the widest scope of application.

2. Vertical tail plate, the hydraulic oil cylinder drives the chain to make the bearing platform move vertically up and down. It is easy to install and the load is small.

3. The foldable tail plate is suitable for refrigerated trucks and can be directly connected with the cold storage and unloading platform seamlessly, which saves the operation space and is more convenient.

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