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How to choose hydraulic lifting tail plate

Data: 2019-10-06
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Under the rapid development of China's logistics industry, China's automobile tailgating industry has also been driven. The tailgate is widely used in logistics, postal, petrochemical, commercial, financial, manufacturing, store distribution, cargo transfer between small warehouses, barreled garbage transfer, moving, and other industries. Save effort and money. It is one of the indispensable equipments for fast loading and unloading of modern logistics transportation.

So how should we choose the hydraulic lifting tail plate that suits us? Here, the editor of Sanneng can share with you.

1. Types of lifting tailgate

The choice of which type of tailgate depends on your own needs, such as: the weight range of the unloading of the ordinary fashion, the type of cargo, the size of the outer compartment of the truck, etc. to choose the appropriate tailgate. With the development of the times, manufacturers of lifting tailgates have kept pace with the times, and have produced various types of tailgates, such as: steel lifting tailplates, aluminum alloy lifting tailplates, built-in lifting tailplates, folding Vertical lifting tail plate, vertical lifting tail plate. The price and advantages of different types of tailgates are also slightly different. Customers can decide which type of tailgate to install according to the price and the goods being loaded and unloaded.

Second, the size of the lift tail

The requirements for the size of the cargo board surface are still more critical. Only by determining the size of the car's outer compartment can it be easier to choose the corresponding tailgate. The lifting tail plate can be customized according to the size of the car. For example, the tail plate can be customized for pickup trucks and small trucks. The size, tonnage and operation method of the tail plate can be customized according to requirements.

3. Lifting height of lifting tail plate

When the customer inquires about the installation of the tailgate, it is necessary to provide the height of the car bottom (that is, the height of the car bottom from the ground). During installation, the lifting height of the tail plate must be greater than the height of the car bottom, for example: the height of the car bottom is 860mm, select the tail plate The lifting height can be selected in the range of 760mm-1200mm.

Fourth, the choice of lifting tail plate manufacturers

Since the automobile tailgate is a retrofit product, it is more important to choose a good tailgate manufacturer. Good equipment manufacturer installation technology and after-sales service are to ensure that the tailgate you purchase can get the best service in the shortest time. .

Sanneng tailgate has 17 years of experience in research and development, production, sales, installation and after-sales, which is a solid backing for you to choose to install the tailgate. The efficiency of your cargo handling will be handed over to Sanneng to serve you!

How to choose hydraulic lifting tail plate

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