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Quick loading and unloading

Data: 2019-10-27
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Automobile tailgate is a kind of vehicle-mounted hydraulic lifting and unloading equipment installed at the rear or side of the vehicle. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving automatic mechanical product that integrates the machine, electricity and liquid with the vehicle's own battery as its power. In the process of cargo loading and unloading, it is stable, safe, fast, labor-saving and efficient, and is not restricted by the site, equipment and manpower. Only with a manual forklift device can one person complete the cargo loading and unloading at any time.

It can be used not only for loading and unloading goods, but also as the tailgate of a van. It can be loaded and unloaded anytime and anywhere, which is particularly convenient for the loading and unloading of large units and heavy items, and can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, save human resources, and improve the operator Safety guarantee, reduce the damage rate of items during loading and unloading, especially flammable, explosive and fragile items, more suitable for the loading and unloading of automobile tail plates.

Automobile tailgates are widely used in various industries such as logistics, postal services, finance, petrochemicals, commerce, food, and manufacturing. In addition, when the floor of the car compartment is higher or lower than the warehouse cargo platform and there is no other loading and unloading equipment, the large load-bearing board can be temporarily flipped on the cargo platform to form a special 'bridge', so that it can be timely Complete cargo loading and unloading.

Quick loading and unloading

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