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Analysis of advantages of fixed lifting platform

Data: 2019-11-17
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The fixed lifting platform is a kind of lifting equipment that is more common in our lives. Its application range is wide, such as large mobile equipment transportation and loading and unloading, production lines, work assembly, three-dimensional garage and underground garage. Ideal transportation equipment for loading and unloading goods from the first floor to the second floor, or from the first floor to the third floor, or from the second floor to the third floor, warehousing and logistics, loading and unloading in the attic of the building.

The form of fixed lifting platform is diversified, including single column, double column, four column, scissor type, guide rail type, etc. These can help us to greatly improve the logistics circulation speed in daily cargo loading and unloading, so that we can work as far as possible without any restrictions. This is why we choose to use this equipment to transport goods-both economical and convenient .

1. Advantages of mast lifting platform

The mast-type lifting platform is made of high-strength aluminum profile, and its advantages are as follows:

With good stability, flexible operation, easy implementation, and light appearance, it can exert the highest lifting capacity in a very small space.

2. Fixed scissor lift platform

The fixed scissor lift working platform is the most user-friendly product in the lifting equipment. It can be customized according to the user's requirements according to the working environment and usage, platform load, height, speed, control mode and other parameters. The hydraulic system of the fixed lifting platform is equipped with anti-falling and overload safety protection devices. Each floor and the working surface of the lifting platform can be equipped with operation buttons to achieve multi-point control. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting table, choose different optional configurations to achieve better results. It has the following advantages:

(1), compact and stable structure, can adapt to high frequency continuous operation;

(2) The lifting height is stable and can satisfy the large-tonnage cargo lifting smoothly;

(3), roller, ball, turntable and other tables can be arbitrarily configured to meet the requirements of different working conditions

(4) The operation is simple and can be operated by a single person, which is convenient for control.

3. Guide rail fixed lifting platform

The rail-mounted fixed lifting platform is mainly used to carry out related work in the two or three floors of industrial plants, or the vertical transportation of goods between the first floor to the second floor, the first floor to the third floor, and the second floor to the third floor. : Loading and unloading of warehousing logistics, loading and unloading of the attic in the building, loading and unloading on the production line) or between restaurant floors. Its advantages are as follows:

(1) The operation of the equipment is very stable. We all know that when transporting items, we must handle it lightly, so only if the equipment is stable enough can we really make our work better.

(2) No need to dig the ground pit. The height from the ground is only 50MM-200MM. It is very convenient to make a small slope to get on and off the goods

(3) The installation position is not limited, either indoors or outdoors

(4) Long service life is 6-10 times of conventional lifting platform

(5) Low failure rate Reduce daily maintenance.

The reason why we are going to use the lifting platform is to help us transport goods more conveniently and improve the efficiency of cargo handling. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting table, choose different optional configurations to achieve better results. Sanneng Electromechanical serves you wholeheartedly!

Analysis of advantages of fixed lifting platform

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