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Notes on custom mobile hydraulic boarding bridge

Data: 2020-01-12
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Notes on custom mobile hydraulic boarding bridge

Notes on custom mobile hydraulic boarding bridge:

1. Related parameters of the boarding bridge

Due to the different places of use, it is necessary to pay attention to the boarding bridge that can meet the parameters used in this place when customizing. There are probably the following: moving mode, table size, use, working environment, load capacity, lifting height and other detailed parameters.

2. Moving method

There are many ways to move the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge, and users need to customize it according to their needs: manual moving mode, self-moving mode, manual assisting mode, etc.

3. Customization is tailor-made

Because we get the relevant parameters of the bridge, we can make the corresponding height of the equipment itself, the profile model, the length of the support rod, the model of the profile on the bottom, and the model of the countertop.

4. The use of mobile hydraulic boarding bridge

Many users did not clearly state the purpose of the equipment they needed when they customized. Because there are still some differences in the boarding axle equipment for different purposes, we need to make it clear when we customize.

5. Working environment of mobile hydraulic boarding bridge

Different working environment temperature, humidity and other parameters are different, so when using it, you need to make it clear before you can choose the relevant hydraulic oil, distribution box, electrical components and other accessories according to local conditions.

The above is the customized mobile hydraulic boarding bridge whiskers introduced by the editor of Sanneng Electromechanical. If you want to know more, you can click on our official website to consult.

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