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Tips for common sense of automobile hydraulic lifting tail plate

Data: 2020-04-14
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The hydraulic tail plate can be divided into the following three forms according to the structure:

1. Cantilever tail plate

The structure is more complicated, the load capacity is large, and the angle of the board surface can be adjusted. It is suitable for various special transportation vehicles such as vans, gondola, post, and banks.

2. Vertical tail plate

The structure is novel. The chain is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to realize the vertical movement of the load platform. The installation is simple and the load is small. It is mainly used for airport food trucks and gas cylinder transport vehicles.

3. Rocker tail plate

The structure is simple, the weight is light, the load is small, and the cost is low, but the opening and closing of the door are manually operated. The alignment during the installation process is more complicated. It is suitable for light trucks, mainly used for transportation of gas cylinders, barrels, and tanks.

Features: The tailboard has the characteristics of fast, safe and efficient, which can greatly improve the efficiency of transportation loading and unloading. It is one of the necessary equipment for modern logistics transportation.

Fast: Only need to control the lifting and lowering of the tailgate through the operation button, the goods can be easily transferred between the ground and the carriage.

Safety: The use of the tailgate can easily load and unload the goods without the need for manpower, improve the safety of the operating staff, reduce the damage rate of the items during loading and unloading, especially flammable, explosive, and fragile items, which are more suitable for tailgate loading and unloading.

Efficient: loading and unloading using the tailboard, without the need for other equipment, not limited by the venue and staff, one person can complete the loading and unloading. Can effectively save resources, improve work efficiency, and can well display the economic efficiency of vehicles.

how to choose:

The rear plate of the car is powered by the on-board battery, so there are relatively few changes to the car body, because the truck battery mainly has two kinds of 12V and 24V, and the user needs to make a corresponding choice according to the actual vehicle.

The manufacturers of automobile tailgates have a relatively complete product series, and users need to choose the appropriate model according to the conditions of the vehicle and the needs of loading and unloading goods. First of all, according to the detailed use of the vehicle and the type of goods transported, determine the type of tailgate (choose one from the above three); determine the lifting weight and board size of the tailgate from the maximum weight and volume of the single load and unload cargo and the cross-sectional size of the car ; According to the main technical parameters of the vehicle (rear overhang length, main beam width, height of the car from the ground, departure angle requirements, etc.), determine the tail plate model and whether to install accessories such as bumpers; at the same time consider the price factor, choose a cost-effective product.

Requirements for the installation of automobile tail plates

The cantilevered tail plate must be placed at the bottom of the car girder because of its support seat, and the support seat and the car are fixed by a special installation hanging plate. .

The above are the precautions for the maintenance of automotive hydraulic elevators introduced by Sanneng Electromechanical Editor. If you want to know more, you can click on our official website to consult.

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Tips for common sense of automobile hydraulic lifting tail plate

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