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What are the process of joining the agency of the warehouse height adjustment board?

Data: 2020-01-05
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With the rapid development of China's economy and the promotion of favorable policies for the logistics industry, automobile tailgates are a rising industry in China. The market potential of warehouse regulation plates is obvious to all, and the market space is huge. It is foreseeable that the market scale of China's automobile tailgate industry will gradually expand, and competitors participating in the market will gradually increase. At present, the largest tailgate manufacturers in China are all gathered in the Pearl River Delta region. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of tailgates in use in the country is estimated to exceed 100,000 sets.

In order to meet the needs of various fields, domestic warehouse regulation board manufacturers continue to improve their products. The tailgate has not only used as a working surface and an auxiliary loading and unloading equipment during loading and unloading, but also replaced the rear door of the car when the vehicle is in the closed state; in addition to the use of aluminum alloys in the previous stage, non-metallic materials are also invested Application makes the product's self-weight tend to be more lightweight. Its products have the characteristics of advanced technology, variety and complete functions, as well as the advantages of serialization of products, exquisite manufacturing technology and long development history.

 The rapid development of the domestic economy, the market demand to effectively improve the loading and unloading efficiency and reduce the operating cost make the tailgate technology also continue to improve, and the gap in technology, variety and function is gradually narrowing with developed countries. Lightweight is the most effective and direct way to reduce vehicle fuel consumption. For every 10% weight reduction, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6% to 8%. At the same time, the shortage of labor and the rapid increase in labor costs are also forcing the continuous innovation of tailgate products. China's warehouse regulation board manufacturers are concentrating on in-depth research and development of product lightweighting, diversification, and intelligence.

 In recent years, with the rapid development of warehouse regulation board, the annual turnover has attracted the attention of big wave investors. Many investors across the country are looking for reliable and powerful large companies to join. So today, the editor of Sanneng Electromechanical Equipment takes Sanneng Warehouse Regulatory Board as an example to introduce the process of agent joining.

 Sanneng will face global investment, among many high-quality agency applicants, choose qualified to join, and exclusively operate the company's automobile tailgate, boarding bridge (height adjustment plate), starting from the agreed area. Heavy tail board, lifting platform, to ensure that joining a successful family.

We will provide the following support

1. Sanneng Electromechanical's own brand management operation system provides all franchisees with a good brand image: a unified logo, a unified product, and a unified price system.

2. The advertising samples are fully supported free of charge, and no dealer deposit is charged.

3. Straight-line delivery. A full set of professional products and accessories optimization program, directly supplied by Sanneng Company, without intermediate links, and low cost.

4. Cost-effective products: mid-to-high-end logistics equipment for the national warehouse logistics industry.

5. Variety and complete styles allow most users to purchase various types of automobile tail plates and hydraulic boarding axles (height adjustment plates).

6. Follow up and supervise, comprehensively evaluate the franchise store's price, quality, service and local environment, and issue an evaluation report, laying a solid foundation for our success.

7. Regional protection: guarantee exclusive operation within the agreed area.

8. Unified promotion: Provide unified all kinds of three-energy advertising and promotion activities.

Shenzhen Sanneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.'s main business includes: automobile tailgate, lifting tailgate, hydraulic tailgate. Joining agent products: automobile tailgate joining agent, automobile hydraulic lifting tailboard joining agent, lifting tailboard joining agent, hydraulic tailboard joining agent. Sanneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has worked hard for many years to advance the warehousing and logistics industry to a high level of mechanization and automation. The company has provided warehousing and logistics equipment services to nearly 20,000 companies. Attentive service has won the trust and praise of many companies and established the company's image. The company has developed hydraulic boarding axles, height adjustment plates, lifting platforms, four-cylinder universal tail plates, five-cylinder heavy tail plates, three-cylinder small tail plates, and aluminum alloy tail plates. Sanneng products have become the products of choice for various types of logistics and transportation, urban commercial distribution, and industrial and industrial factories.

What are the process of joining the agency of the warehouse height adjustment board?

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