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Fixed boarding bridge What are the installation steps for the fixed lifting platform?

Data: 2019-09-01
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The boarding bridge is mainly divided into fixed boarding bridge and mobile boarding bridge. According to the place of use and requirements, the fixed boarding bridge is divided into hydraulic boarding bridge, airbag type boarding bridge and mechanical boarding. bridge.

The fixed boarding bridge is equipped with hydraulic equipment and integral products in a fixed position to realize cargo transportation, high frequency of use and heavy bearing pressure. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, platforms, terminals or ports for quick loading and unloading of goods, and can be directly loaded by forklifts. Loading and unloading. Let's take a look at the installation steps of the fixed docking bridge:

1. Digging pits (ground troughs): Digging pits are used to fix the boarding bridge (lifting platform) and give the boarding bridge (lifting platform) a place to be placed. The length, width and height of the pit are determined by the length, width and height of the boarding bridge or the non-standard boarding bridge products are customized according to the actual pit size.

2. Fixing and welding: The installer welds the four corners of the bottom of the boarding bridge (lifting platform) and the embedded parts to ensure that the boarding bridge (lifting platform) is placed smoothly and firmly, avoiding slippage during the operation of the boarding bridge. phenomenon.

3. Measurement level: After the boarding bridge (lifting platform) is fixed, check whether the level of the table top and the ground is on the same line or the table top is slightly lower than the highest position of the pit. This can speed up the loading and unloading of goods and improve efficiency.

4. Welding track: The welding track is to ensure that the fixed boarding bridge (lifting platform) does not shift during the ascent process, ensuring that the lifting platform rises smoothly.

5. Device power supply: When setting the pit, reserve the hole position of the line to connect the wires on the power box with the power cable and ensure the normal operation of the line.

6. Test machine: After the boarding bridge (lifting platform) is completed, it needs to be repeatedly tested several times to ensure that the boarding bridge (lifting platform) can be installed normally after installation.

The above is the sharing of the installation steps of the fixed lifting platform brought by Sanneng Xiaobian, I hope to help everyone!

Fixed boarding bridge What are the installation steps for the fixed lifting platform?

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