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How to maintain and maintain the straight top rail lifting platform in daily operation

Data: 2019-08-23
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The straight-track lifting platform is a simple lifting freight elevator for vertical lifting operation. After the hydraulic cylinder is lifted to the target height, it is automatically leveled with the floor through the limit switch. It is mainly used for cargo transfer between industrial buildings, restaurants and restaurants on the first to second or third floors. It is suitable for workplaces where pits cannot be excavated, and does not require upper lifting points, and is diversified in form (single column, double column, Four columns), the equipment runs smoothly. The guide rails of the rail-type elevators are generally made of channel steel, I-beam and square tube welding. The operation is simple and reliable, and the cargo transmission is economical and convenient.

How to maintain and maintain the straight top rail lifting platform in daily operation


The following is a brief explanation of the maintenance and maintenance of the straight top rail lifting platform in daily operation:


1. After each operation, the straight-top rail lifting platform should cut off the power supply after the lifting platform is in a stable state, and the power supply can be well energized to extend the service life of the power supply equipment.


2. Before each work, check the track lubrication degree of the straight top rail lifting platform in advance, ensure the lubricity of the track, and timely add lubricating oil to ensure that the lifting platform can work normally.


3. Always check the lubrication degree of the pin shaft and the bolts at the joint. If the bolts are loose, they should be tightened in time to prevent major accidents during use and injury to others.


4. The newly installed straight-top rail lifting platform should be replaced regularly according to the instruction manual and maintenance safety instructions, and always pay attention to the oil scale scale, and raise it in time, but it is not advisable to add too much, otherwise it will appear black smoke. And launching difficulties and other phenomena.


5. The straight-top rail elevator should check the cleanliness of the air filter before and after use, so that it can be replaced frequently. If the filter is too dirty, it will cause the starter to start up due to lack of power.


6. The radiator of the straight top rail lifting platform is the best protection screen for the lifting platform. Just as the car's engine is working, it needs a radiator to keep the engine's temperature within a certain range, so that the engine can work normally. When we usually use the straight-top rail lifting platform, we should always pay attention to the situation of the radiator to avoid the dirt covering the radiator.

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