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Special manufacturer of Sanneng tail plate

Data: 2019-02-15
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Sanneng was established in 2002. In the past 17 years, Sanneng has specialized in the production, sales, installation and maintenance of various warehousing and logistics equipment such as lifting, lifting, loading and unloading. Have a strong technical team, skilled installers, efficient after-sales service team!

Special manufacturer of Sanneng tail plate

In the past 17 years, Sanneng has continuously improved the tailgate process, overcome technical problems, and constantly innovated. At the same time, quality control has been continuously improved. We are truly committed to doing every tailgate and serving every customer wholeheartedly. Adhering to the pursuit of 'providing customers with safe, stable and high-quality products', Sanneng will continue to work hard in the tailgate industry to provide customers with quality products and high-quality services! With the continuous expansion of the production base, the tailgate production capacity has embarked on a new level, providing a solid backing for the Sanneng tailgate market!

Special manufacturer of Sanneng tail plate

From May 16, 2018, at the State Council executive meeting, the Prime Minister clearly stated that 'the development of the national standard for the loading of tailgates and the improvement of management' means that the management system and standard regulations for the installation of tailgates in China have been further improved. It is also gradually moving towards the right track. It can be seen that the policy support, coupled with the market demand, the development of the tailgate industry is huge! And the installation of the car tail plate can solve the problem of labor shortage and rising labor costs; coupled with the rapid development of the logistics industry, the installation of the car tail plate can greatly improve the loading and unloading efficiency, fast, safe and efficient!

To better serve the industry in order to better serve the three tailgate products.

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