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The difference between elevators and home elevators

Data: 2019-03-06
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The lift is also called a lifting platform and is a multifunctional lifting machine. Generally applicable to high-altitude equipment installation, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, paint decoration, replacement lamps, etc. in factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, airports, automobile 4S shops, docks and other high-rise construction sites, as well as cargo lifting and rescue work between floors. High-altitude operations such as the display and elevated pipelines are applicable to a wide range of applications. Depending on the needs of different aerial work, you can choose between fixed lifts or mobile lifts (mobile lifts are operated by four wheels) and can be customized according to customer requirements. Different from materials, it is mainly divided into steel plate and aluminum alloy. The utility model has the advantages of small occupied area, strong flexibility, wide application range, good lifting stability, simple operation, safety and reliability, and diversified styles.

The difference between elevators and home elevators

Household small lifts or lifting platforms are also called small household elevators. They are used for homes, communities, villas, and duplex floors. There is no need to establish a separate computer room. According to the installation requirements, some pits are not required to be excavated, while others require excavation pits, but the requirements for civil works are not high. For families with low budgets, it is ideal for family manned lifts. It can be designed and produced according to the existing space on site without destroying the main structure and aesthetics of the wall. However, according to the needs of the family, the household lift can penetrate the floor and have a variety of appearances.

Now some of the larger people in the family will install elevators in their own homes, which is convenient for going up and down the stairs, and is for the use of a family member. Household small elevators are generally small, and there are certain differences between the commercial elevators outside, the price will be cheaper, and the scope of application is small, and the use is single.

How to distinguish the difference between elevators and household elevators can be summarized as follows:

1. Distinguish in nature: the scope and use of the two are very different;

2. from the product characteristics distinction: the difference between the two cut weight, voltage and power;

3. from the volume / area distinction: the work elevator is larger than the home elevator;

4. from the price difference: the price difference between the two.

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