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Things to be aware of when lifting the platform

Data: 2019-03-21
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Lifting platforms can be roughly divided into two types: fixed and mobile. The fixed type is divided into: a scissor lift platform, a rail type lifting platform, a chain lifting platform, a loading and unloading platform, and the like. The mobile type is divided into: hydraulic lifting platform, four-wheel mobile lifting platform, vehicle-mounted lifting platform, aluminum alloy aerial working platform, electric lifting platform, curved arm lifting platform, etc., and the lifting height ranges from 1 meter to 20 meters. Even higher.

Regardless of the type of lifting platform, we should pay attention to our personal safety when carrying out the operation of the lifting platform. Do not operate blindly. The lifting platform should keep the following in mind when operating:

1. Before use, carefully check the hydraulic and electrical systems, and use them without leakage or bare leakage.

2. When using, the four legs should be firmly supported on a solid ground. According to the actual situation, other items can also be used to support the wheels to prevent sliding.

3. Before the operation, the lifting platform can run 1-2 times in an empty position to perform aerial work. Remember to lock up the activity door before you rise.

4. Non-professionals should not operate the lifting platform.

5. Strictly observe the safety instructions on the lifting platform, take precautionary measures, and learn and understand the related lifting platform operation skills.

6. When operating the lifting platform, it should be raised at a constant speed, and the unavailability is too strong, which increases the risk of mechanical operation and greatly shortens the service life of the machine.

7. When working outdoors at high altitude, the operator should fasten the safety rope to prevent it from falling.

8. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to be too close to each other to prevent things from falling and injuring others.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use the lifting platform for overloading.

10. When the machine is in the ascending state, it is strictly forbidden for the staff to climb.

11. When it is found that the lifting platform is faulty, stop the operation immediately and do not allow it.

The above is the matter that should be paid attention to when lifting the platform. In the lifting platform series, the mobile scissor lift platform is a widely used high-altitude professional equipment. The scissor lift structure makes the lifting platform more stable and safer. The equipment adopts high-strength manganese steel structure, which has High carrying capacity, suitable for multiple people to work at the same time, make the work at height easy, fast, efficient, safe and more secure.

Things to be aware of when lifting the platform

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