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Common problems and solutions for fixed hydraulic height adjustment plates

Data: 2019-04-18
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Fixed hydraulic height adjustment plate (also called fixed boarding bridge) is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. It plays a very important role in the whole process of storage and loading. It is now essential for large factories, logistics centers, warehouses, etc. Loading and unloading cargo flow equipment. Due to the fast running cycle of the goods and the frequent loading and unloading times, as the bridge between the forklift and the car, the frequency of the height adjustment plate is still relatively high. To a certain extent, it is also a test for the height adjustment plate, which will inevitably appear in the process of use. Some failures affect the efficiency of the work. Sanneng Xiaobian gives you an analysis of the common faults and solutions for the following fixed hydraulic height adjustment plates, so that our customers can solve problems by express delivery and improve work efficiency.

Symptom 1:  Tilting of the platen

Reason analysis: 

1. The countertop with height adjustment is not closed. After a short time of use, the countertop starts to sink or the countertop is uneven. 

2. the damage of the cylinder is more serious


1. step by step inspection of the countertop, and trim. 

2. Check the damaged part of the cylinder and replace it with a new one.

Symptom 2:  Unable to control lifting

Cause analysis: There is a problem with the power control system or the power supply line.

Solution: Check the control system and wiring, and process.

Symptom 3:  The motor does not work

Analysis of the cause:  

1. The control box may be powered off.  

2. The line may be shorted or the line is connected incorrectly.

Treatment method:  

1. Check if there is any electricity in the control box with a multimeter.  

2. Check if the line is correct.

Symptom 4:  Fixed height adjustment plate cannot rise

Reason analysis:  

1. When the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge is used for the first time or when the electric line is repaired, the motor power line is reversed or connected, causing the motor to reverse or not rotate. 

2. The fuel tank is insufficient. 

3. The pressure of the relief valve is set low. 

4. The oil filter is clogged, causing the hydraulic oil to fail to reach the cylinder.


1. Correctly adjust the wiring. 

2. Check if there is any oil leakage in the fuel tank. Add enough oil to the fuel tank until the lip can be opened. 

3. Set the pressure of the relief valve to normal pressure. 

4. Clean or replace the oil filter or filter element.

Symptom 5:  Fixed height adjustment platen does not fall

Cause analysis: Explosion-proof valve may lock the circuit

Solution: Check if there is any overload on the table. If there is something to remove the overload, then click the lift button. If there is no overload on the table, adjust the throttle to reduce its speed.

Symptom 6:  Small plate rises when the large plate does not rise to the limit position

Cause analysis: Sequence valve pressure is too low

Solution: Re-adjust the sequence valve pressure.

The choice of equipment still needs to consider after-sales and quality, good product problems and long service life, so that you can use more assured and more comfortable. The fixed hydraulic height adjustment plate (also called fixed boarding bridge) usually has a warranty period of one year. It can be repaired by door. It is usually added with hydraulic oil, replacement motor or oil pump and other maintenance parts. If the warranty period is exceeded, it must be repaired at your own expense.

Common problems and solutions for fixed hydraulic height adjustment plates

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