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Several advantages that must be known to install aluminum alloy tailgates

Data: 2019-04-24
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With the continuous improvement of national policies, the aluminum alloy tailgate is increasingly favored by the logistics industry and the warehousing industry. The following three can edit the aluminum alloy tailgate for everyone.

Several advantages that must be known to install aluminum alloy tailgates

The aluminum alloy tailgate is a hydraulic lifting device installed at the rear of the truck and some closed vehicles, powered by the vehicle battery. The material used is aluminum alloy (and therefore often referred to as aluminum tailgate).

Then, why can the aluminum alloy tail plate be favored by everyone in just a few years? In addition to the support of national policies, it is also attributed to the advantages of the aluminum alloy tailgate itself. The next three can edit the advantages of aluminum alloy tailgate for everyone:

1. Strong corrosion resistance: The aluminum alloy itself has anti-rust function, and the special surface treatment of the aluminum alloy surface greatly enhances the corrosive function.

2. Material characteristics: Aluminum alloy is a synthetic material with light weight, low density, good ductility, hard material and good forming. Therefore, the aluminum alloy tail plate is lighter to use and can improve efficiency when installed. The type is also more beautiful.

3. Environmental protection characteristics: The aluminum alloy material can be recycled, and the aluminum alloy tail plate can be recycled after being discarded, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

4. Price analysis: In the short term, the price of the aluminum alloy tailgate is slightly higher than the price of the ordinary tailgate, but from the average of the service life, the average price of the aluminum alloy is lower than the cost of the general tailgate.

The above is the advantage that Sanneng Electromechanical Xiaobian introduced to you about aluminum alloy tailgate. I hope to be useful to you. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit the official website.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of automobile tailgates in the market, and the prices are uneven. However, there are big differences in quality and service. The low price does not guarantee the quality of products and the quality of after-sales service. What are the benefits of buying a tailgate? From the shape, function and parts selection, Sanneng tail plate combines the market status quo, fully considers the needs of durable and practical, diverse functions and moderate price; sincerely do every tailgate and serve every customer.

The advantages of Sanneng tailboard are as follows:

1. Three-year tailgate brand for 17 years, the quality is guaranteed;

2. Factory direct sales, the price advantage is large;

3. The product specifications are complete and many models, not only meet customer needs and can be customized for customers.

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