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Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge operation method and precautions for use

Data: 2019-05-03
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The mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for cargo handling combined with the forklift. It can be moved to any place under the traction of the forklift, and the height can be adjusted according to the height of the carriage. Safe and fast loading and unloading of goods can be achieved with a single operation.

Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge operation method and precautions for use

The following three can be electromechanical Xiaobian specifically to explain how to use it:

1. Read the operating instructions carefully before operating the equipment.

2. the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge must ensure that the ground placed is flat and hard before work, so as to avoid tilting.

3. if you want to move the equipment to other places to work, first of all, the grounding connection plate should be retracted; then adjust the support frame and adjust the support legs to be retracted, only the wheels can touch the ground floor, use a forklift or other traction The tool can be moved freely by pulling on one end of the grounding connection plate.

4. Before using the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge, place the support frame with the rocker on the front page to ensure that the table top of the boarding bridge and the car are kept at the same level, ensuring that all adjustment support legs can be balanced and stressed; and then tightening the support legs Nut.

5. the safety chain will be hung in the container truck. The cargo compartment can be hung to the place where the force is applied to ensure the chain is stressed, so as to avoid the displacement of the freight car compartment during the operation.

6. Put down the grounding link plate at the tail to ensure that there is no height difference between the connecting plate and the ground, and realize the stepless direct boarding operation. At this time, the boarding bridge is ready for use.

Mobile hydraulic bridges enable companies to reduce the amount of labor, double the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, and speed up the flow of goods. Although it has brought great convenience to our loading and unloading, we still can't care about the use of the mobile boarding bridge.

Use the mobile boarding bridge precautions:

1. Before the mobile boarding bridge is docked with the truck, the board should be in the upturned state.

2. need to check three aspects before use: test whether the hydraulic system is flexible; whether there is oil leakage; whether the pressure relief valve runs freely.

3. Before loading and unloading, first connect the splicing board to the truck compartment, link the safety chain with the compartment, adjust the brake pad of the boarding bridge, and start the operation.

4. During the operation, when the forklift is driving on the boarding bridge, the speed should be slow and stable. It is strictly forbidden to hang down the neutral gear, and the fork should be adjusted to the appropriate height to avoid contact with the boarding bridge.

5, in strict accordance with the rated load of the boarding bridge, can not be overloaded, so as not to cause damage to the boarding bridge.

6. During the operation, the passengers can't stand around the boarding bridge, at least 2-3 meters away;

7. It is best to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the boarding bridge once a month to prevent the occurrence of parts with de-soldering, oil leakage and lubricity. If any problems are found, avoid them in the course of work.

The above is the precautions for the maintenance of the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge introduced by Sanneng Electromechanical Xiaobian. If you want to know more, you can click on our official website to consult.

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