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Air bag type height adjustment board use method and operation precautions

Data: 2019-05-12
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The airbag height adjustment plate belongs to one of the height adjustment plate categories, and has a great similarity with the hydraulic height adjustment plate installation method and operation method. The height adjustment board is used for the loading and unloading platform of the modern factory warehouse, and the loading and unloading auxiliary equipment embedded in the platform is flexible, and the cargo platform is flexibly connected with the truck compartments of different heights, so that the loading and unloading vehicles or tools can smoothly enter and exit the truck. Unloading the goods. Greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading goods and the safety of operators. It is the necessary loading and unloading equipment for modern warehouses and the preferred equipment for auxiliary boarding.

The airbag height adjustment plate is composed of a mechanical, airbag system and an electric control system, and is a pneumatic product. The main components are airbags, airbag pallets, short shafts, long shafts, blowers, large panel assemblies, safety struts, bases, and legs. Common load weights are 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, and can also be customized according to customer needs and actual conditions.

How to use the airbag height adjustment plate:

1. Ascending process: Press and hold the power button, the blower works, the air bag begins to inflate, and the adjustment plate begins to rise.

2. Working process: When the adjusting plate rises to the highest position, release the button, the adjusting plate is lowered, and the loose-leaf slab is opened under the action of the push rod. After being placed on the bottom plate of the truck (over 15cm or more), use. (If the truck floor is below the level of the pallet, pull the chain to the small board on the truck floor during the drop.)

3. End process: When the goods are loaded, press and hold the power button to lift the large board. The small board will automatically reset. When the large board is lifted to a certain height, then release the button, and the adjustment board will slowly reset under the effect of its own weight.

Operational precautions when using:

1. When maintaining and cleaning the garbage in the adjustment plate pit, be sure to hold up the safety pole and lock it to prevent it from slipping.

2. When loading goods, the car must be fixed and cannot be moved, otherwise an accident will occur.

When using the height adjustment board, read the product manual (operation manual) carefully in advance to understand the correct operation method and basic maintenance items. Non-workers cannot operate it privately. When the frequency of use is too high and frequent operation, you cannot disassemble it if you encounter a fault. You need to call the manufacturer's professional for repair.

Air bag type height adjustment board use method and operation precautions

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