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What is the difference between the boarding bridge and the height adjustment board?

Data: 2019-05-26
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There is no exact definition between the boarding bridge and the height adjustment board. For a long time, the height adjustment board is often called the boarding bridge, such as: hydraulic height adjustment board, airbag height adjustment board, mechanical height adjustment. The board can also be called a hydraulic boarding bridge, a bag-type boarding bridge, a mechanical boarding bridge or a built-in boarding bridge; a class of boarding bridges is a mobile boarding bridge (depending on the way of operation, moving Type boarding bridge is divided into manual type and electric type.

What is the difference between the boarding bridge and the height adjustment board?

                                                 Mobile hydraulic landing bridge

The boarding bridge or height adjustment board is a loading and unloading operation platform for fast and safe turnover products and goods. In the operation platform where no equipment is loaded or unloaded, the height of the platform and the carriage will not be the same, which causes the handling forklift to directly load and unload the cargo directly into and out of the carriage, thereby increasing the labor and danger. By using a boarding bridge or a height adjustment board to build a bridge between the truck or the cargo bed and the carriage, the handling forklift can safely and quickly enter and exit the truck compartment for loading and unloading operations, thereby greatly improving the efficiency and safety of cargo handling, and is also modernized. Logistics warehouse and necessary loading and unloading equipment for the factory.

What is the difference between the boarding bridge and the height adjustment board?

                                      Fixed hydraulic height adjustment plate


In order to let everyone better distinguish the difference between the boarding bridge and the height adjustment board, Sanneng Xiaobian teaches you how to identify through the following points:

First, the form is different: the boarding bridge has a large body shape and a wide area, and it still maintains the slope state when it is not in use; while the height adjustment plate is small in size and does not occupy the operating platform use area, and remains flat with the ground in the unused state. status.

Second, the installation method is different: the boarding bridge can be used directly without installation; and the height adjustment board needs to be installed by means of digging holes.

Third, the difference in the use of the place: the boarding bridge can be operated in an unfixed situation, under the guidance of the forklift, can be mobile work, more convenient; and the height adjustment plate only acts on fixed occasions, mostly used in warehouses, warehouse logistics bases, Large enterprises, logistics and distribution, terminals, cargo terminals and other places.

Fourth, the structural difference: there is a movable strap between the two, but the safety chain of the boarding bridge needs to hang the container truck compartment to hung the place where the force is stressed, to ensure the chain is stressed, so as to avoid the truck yard The shift occurs during the operation; the slab of the height adjustment plate only needs to be placed in the truck compartment.

V. Price difference: the boarding equipment is higher, and the height adjustment board is lower.

Through the above analysis, I hope to help you to find more targeted search and consultation when purchasing products. Here, you need to know the working environment, work table size, load capacity, use, working environment, lifting height before buying. And other detailed parameters.

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