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What are the safety issues for the car tailgate loading and unloading operation?

Data: 2019-06-07
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The automobile tailgate (also known as the cantilever tailgate) is a hydraulic lifting handling equipment installed at the rear of the truck and powered by the vehicle battery. It is also the vehicle equipment with the largest amount of logistics vehicles. It is safe, fast and efficient, and can maximize the transportation and loading efficiency of logistics vehicles. It is one of the essential vehicle equipment for modern logistics transportation. At present, cantilever tailgates are widely used in warehousing and logistics, urban distribution, finance, petrochemical, postal, commercial, manufacturing and other industries.

After the vehicle is equipped with the tailgate, only one person can complete the loading and unloading of the cargo, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor intensity is small, and the economic efficiency of the vehicle can be well utilized.

Car tailgate loading and unloading operation notes:

1. For non-operators, it is strictly forbidden to use the tailgate. The operator must fully understand the function of the tailgate and the dangers that may occur, the weight of the cargo and the curve of the load center.

2. When you work in the car, do not let other people control the tailgate outside the car at the same time; do not cause serious damage or accidental casualties due to casual use.

3. pay attention to the weight of the cargo, overload is strictly prohibited.

4. It is strictly forbidden to let the motorized forklift drive directly to the tailgate.

5. When it is found that there is a problem with the operation of the tailgate, do not continue to use it, and submit it to the professional technicians or the company for inspection and maintenance as soon as possible.

6. Never load the tailgate in the air. Never flip the tailgate in the air while the tailgate is loading.

7. The tail plate is strictly prohibited from standing in use.

8. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble any accessories on the tail plate when it is off the ground or running.

9. The tailgate should be completely closed, and the two safety chains are all hung on the door frame hook, and the driver can drive while the main switch is powered off.

What are the safety issues for the car tailgate loading and unloading operation?

Tips: When the tailgate fails, please call the merchant at the first time, do not repair it yourself.

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