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Product classification and service life factors of boarding bridges

Data: 2019-06-14
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As a key auxiliary handling equipment in warehouse logistics equipment, the boarding bridge can not only quickly load and unload goods from factories, warehouses, platforms, terminals or ports, but also can be directly loaded and unloaded by forklifts.

According to the market demand, the boarding bridge is mainly divided into fixed boarding bridge and mobile boarding bridge. According to the different places and requirements, the fixed boarding bridge is divided into hydraulic boarding bridge, airbag type boarding bridge and machinery. The boarding bridge; the mobile boarding bridge is divided into a manual mobile boarding bridge and an electric mobile boarding bridge.

Product classification and service life factors of boarding bridges

The fixed boarding bridge is equipped with hydraulic equipment and integral products in a fixed position for cargo transportation. Due to the frequent transportation and loading and unloading of goods, the frequency of use is high, the bearing pressure is high, and the high-frequency operation in a long period of time, the products with the best quality will also have problems of one kind or another. Compared with the fixed boarding bridge, the mobile boarding bridge is used less frequently and has a longer service life.

Through the above description, regardless of the type of boarding bridge used, its service life is closely related to the use occasion, different environment, operating frequency and the quality of the product itself. The service life of the boarding bridge is 5-10 years, but in the time of the problem, the fixed boarding bridge is expected to be about 2 years, and the mobile boarding bridge is about 4 years. It is inseparable from regular maintenance and maintenance, such as : Whether to regularly add butter, whether the line is aging, whether the welded joints are loose or cracked, etc., and carry out routine inspection work and reports every month. During the annual inspection, the equipment should be thoroughly inspected, even if it is not used frequently or idle. Regular maintenance.

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