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Which type of truck can be installed on the tailgate?

Data: 2019-07-06
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What types of trucks can be installed on the market today? It is a matter of concern to everyone. For now, it is a common phenomenon for trucks to install car tailgates, such as vans, warehouse trucks, light trucks, heavy trucks, etc. After the vehicle is equipped with the tailgate, the loading and unloading of the cargo can be completed by only one person, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor intensity is small, the economic efficiency of the vehicle can be well utilized, and the operational efficiency of the truck driver can be effectively improved. The benefits of installing a tailgate are obvious. Since the country’s announcement of the legalization of the installation of the tailgate in 15 years and the new policy introduced in 18 years, many trucks of the current model can be installed with the tailgate.

Which type of truck can be installed on the tailgate?

So how do you know if your truck can be fitted with a tailgate? The most direct and effective way is to check the vehicle certificate. The “Remarks” column contains the words “optional hydraulic tailgate”.

How can I determine if the tailgate can be installed without a vehicle certificate? National policies have not clearly stated which types of trucks can be installed with tailgates, and which types of trucks cannot be installed with tailgates. The convenience of the tailgates for everyone's daily life, work, warehousing and logistics, etc. cannot be ignored. It is recognized by everyone.

In daily life, trucks with tailgates can be seen everywhere, such as Dongfeng Tianjin, Dongfeng Capt, Jianghuai Geerfa, Futian Aoling, Jiangling, and Qingling.

The issues that everyone is concerned about are two major problems: whether it will be overweight after the tailgate is installed and whether the tailgate should be dismantled during the annual inspection. After decades of development, the types of spot tailgates are also rich and varied. The material can be divided into steel truck tailgates and aluminum alloy truck tailgates. From the form of the division, it can be divided into cantilever truck tailgates and built-in Truck tailgate, vertical truck tailgate, folding truck tailgate. Different types of tailgates have their own advantages, which eliminates the two major problems mentioned above.

According to the continuous improvement of the state's policy on the installation of tailgates for trucks, and the benefits brought by logistics and transportation after the tailgates are installed, more models will be added to the tailgates in the future.

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