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Three energy company warm reminds you "what to pay attention to in autumn"

Data: 2018-03-12
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Three energy company warm reminds you 'what to pay attention to in autumn'


1. Autumn is the peak season for production and transportation, which requires drivers to pay close attention to pedestrian and vehicle dynamics and observe traffic signals and signs. According to the road condition, timely adjust the control speed, the distance, the operation is smooth, ready to be courteous and stop.

2. The safety inspection of vehicles should be strengthened during the autumn and winter season, especially the key parts such as braking and direction should be ensured to prevent road traffic accidents caused by poor mechanical conditions.

The fall is cool, and the driver is prone to a beat that is faster than the summer. Therefore, it is necessary to drive smoothly and maintain moderate speed.

The body of autumn is easy to feel tired, so should maintain adequate sleep, strengthen nutrition and exercise, make the body adapt to seasonal change as soon as possible. When you are tired, you should stop the car, take a few minutes outside the car, breathe fresh air, and relax your muscles, nerves and senses. Or take a 10-minute break in the driving room and get enough energy to keep going.

5. In the autumn rain, the visibility of the driver is reduced, the road is slippery and the car's adhesion is reduced. Therefore, the driver should listen to the weather forecast before the autumn rain season, know the characteristics of the road, timely check the wiper and prepare the materials.

6. The temperature is low, easy to form a thin cream, in dark frost, dew, ice and snow road, because the road slippery, wheels and the friction coefficient of the ground is decreased obviously, the falling adhesion, easy to cause the vehicle sideslip, transversal and the braking distance growth, expanding the hazardous locations. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the vehicle and maintain a uniform driving speed, and avoid emergency braking. When the vehicle is skidding, the operation method of 'point brake' should be adopted, and the direction will be turned in the direction of the side sliding, so that the skidding vehicle can be controlled.

7. If the vehicle fails, or must wait for the fog to dissipate and retrain, turn on the fog lights, near lights and double flashing lights, close to the side of the road, and place the obvious signs outside 30m.

In autumn, there is a lot of windy weather, and pedestrians and cyclists are often in front of the car, may suddenly turn the corner to grab the spotlight, or because the wind is affecting the view of the panic cycling. In this case, it is necessary to drive carefully, observe the movements of pedestrians and vehicles at any time, take preventive measures, and ensure the safety of oneself and others.

Pay attention to the rain and fog.

With the arrival of autumn, the fog will be frequent, which will pose a serious threat to driving safety. The windshield, headlamp and taillight should be wiped clean before the fog day, and the lighting device should be checked. The vehicle should not be disabled in the fog. The fog lamp, taillight, width modulation and headlight (near light) should be turned on during driving. Can not use the high beam, because the distant light axis is off, the light that shoots is reflected by fog diffuse, in front of the car formed white vast, like the ground glass of ground glass, can see nothing on the contrary. In addition, the fog can be guided by the white lane of the road and the red taillights of the front car.

Also, it's best to equip your car with fog lights. Make full use of various lights to improve visibility, and also to 'light a lamp' for other vehicles to ensure that the rear vehicle clearly sees you, thereby avoiding danger.

The following points should be paid attention to when driving in the rain and fog:

1. When the visibility of the expressway is less than 500m, it must turn on the near light, the indicator width and the taillight; Not exceeding 80km per hour; The front car with the same lane must maintain a distance of more than 150m.

2. When the visibility of expressway traffic is less than 200m, it is necessary to turn on the fog lamp and the near light, the indicator width and the taillight; Not exceeding 60km/h; The front car with the same lane must maintain a distance of more than 100m.

3. When the visibility of expressway traffic is less than 50m, it is necessary to turn on the fog lamp and the near light, the indicator beam and taillight, and the speed limit should not exceed 40km. The front car with the same lane must maintain a distance of 50m or more.

4. The highway road visibility is less than 50 m, the public security organ may take partial or all of the sections in accordance with the provisions of closed the highway traffic control measures, implementation of the highway traffic control, the police cars and highways in addition to a mission to rescue special vehicles, other into the highway of motor vehicles is forbidden.

5. If already enter the highway, must be in accordance with the provisions, wide open fog lamps and low beam lights, lights, tail lights, in line with the principles of safety, rest off the fog area or nearby into service, after waiting for the fog dispersed. If your car is not install fog lamps, according to the national standards must be nearby into emergency parking area or shoulder, pull over as far as possible, and enable danger alarm lamp by the regulation, and set up outside the rear 150 m trouble truck warning signs.

Other considerations

Never smoke when your body is tired. Many motorists have a habit of smoking a cigarette when they are tired and feeling refreshed and refreshed. In fact, it is not because people smoke when the body burns a certain amount of heat, which is more harmful than when the body is at peace. When the human body is doing work, the adrenal gland secretes a large amount of adrenaline into the blood, which causes the circulation to accelerate and the heart rate increases. At this time, the harmful substances in the smoke can enter the blood.

Scientists have done the following test, the rats were divided into two groups, one group to the passive movement, another group without treatment, and then with the same dose of smoke smoked them respectively, the results of exercise group than the static critical time more than 2 times faster. It is concluded that blood circulation can accelerate the composition of smoke in the blood, resulting in body poisoning. In addition, the stomach contents after labor and exercise quickly decompose, absorb, will appear hungry feeling. And hazardous substances such as nicotine inhibits gastric mucosa cells, reduce gastric acid secretion, also less digestive juices, the disease can smoking when you have no alert infringement under the condition of your body, reduce hunger makes people mistakenly assume that fatigue. Please pay attention to the drivers who smoke.

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