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Winter comes, the little trick gives your car a warm winter.

Data: 2018-03-12
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Winter comes, the little trick gives your car a warm winter.

After entering the winter, the vehicle should take extra care to ensure the long life of the car.

First, the tire will become hard and relatively crisp in winter, and the friction coefficient will decrease, so the tyre pressure should not be too high, but not too low. Low external temperatures, low tire pressure, and accelerated aging of tires.

In addition, the car owner often cleans the inside of the tread in the winter, avoid to use the tyre to replace more than once, replace the tire with bigger wear.

Second, the winter is cold, many car owners start to love the car immediately turn on the air conditioning to the heating state, in fact, in this way delayed the engine temperature normal promotion.

Is the right thing, we should start the engine preheating, steam temperature pointer motivation to the middle position, open the warm wind of air conditioning, the air circulation to outer loop, wait for 2 ~ 3 minutes, the air circulation can be set for the inner loop.

Third, when winter comes, cars use a lot more power than other seasons. So take care of your car's battery so you don't have to worry when it doesn't catch fire.

If the battery is not free of maintenance, if the battery has been used for a long time, the battery should be sent to the repair shop for a complete charge to keep the battery in good working condition. The service life of a typical battery is two to three years.

If the vehicles that are close to the service life, especially the automatic transmission model, it is better to change the battery in advance to prevent the accident.

Fourth, parking on the ramp is not recommended to hold the car strictly with the handbrake, because it will allow the handbrake to bear too much braking force and speed up the wear of the handbrake.

Is the right thing after parking brake fixed by hand, and then find some solid bricks or other objects under the tires on the mat, after waiting for wheel fixation, release the handbrake to force transferred to the four wheels, again pull hand brake, let hand wheel and brake force.

The life of the car depends on the car owner to maintain, if do not take care of, wait for the bad repair, not only the labor injury money, not necessarily can repair well.

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