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The three - energy tail board is sold overseas, a record high in the second half of the year.

Data: 2018-03-12
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The three - energy tail board is sold overseas, a record high in the second half of the year.

Is a harvest season in November 2014, shenzhen SanNeng mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. And Hong Kong enterprises, sales success of a batch of SanNeng tail plate, the co-operation, not only can improve the sales performance this month, more SanNeng company in such a fierce competition in the logistics equipment sales of the pearl river delta region established the information.

In early November, SanNeng company, general manager of the total received a call from Hong Kong, Mr. Xiao need to order a batch of automobile tail plate, on the phone, general manager of SanNeng company interested in simple introduce to each other, Mr. Shaw immediately came to shenzhen from Hong Kong, of examining SanNeng company. During the inspection, Mr. Xiao made a strict inspection of the quality of the products within the company. After a close inspection, Mr. Shaw signed the contract and ordered a batch of three - energy car tailboards.

Thank you very much Mr. Xiao Hong Kong support for SanNeng tail plate, also thank you for the customers to SanNeng SanNeng company has always been the support and care, our company will work hard, expectations, efforts to do the product well.


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