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We warmly celebrate the establishment of the dongguan branch of shenzhen sanpower electromechanical

Data: 2018-03-12
time: 13

We warmly celebrate the establishment of the dongguan branch of shenzhen sanpower electromechanical equipment co., LTD.

June 24th, shenzhen sanpower electromechanical equipment co., LTD. Dongguan branch grand opening!

Shenzhen SanNeng mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. Was set up 10 years, has been the bearing to user needs as the core, focusing on the guangdong local market develops, for nearly 4000 companies to provide the service of warehouse logistics equipment. The service of quality and attentiveness has won the trust and praise of many enterprises, and has established the company's excellent three-energy brand in guangdong. In the 10 years of development, the company has developed a four-cylinder affordable tail plate, five cylinder heavy tail plate and three cylinder type small tail plate, in addition to the guangdong pearl river delta in widespread use, hunan, hubei, guangxi, yunnan, jiangxi, jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, northeast and other places are also gaining popularity. The three-energy tailboard has become the first choice for transportation of various kinds of logistics transportation, urban commercial distribution, industrial area and factory. Company has set up a research and development department, production department, painting department, qc department, installation department, sales department and regional service center, to provide customers with high quality products on time, timely provide maintenance service for the customer provides a powerful guarantee; Also has developed the electric automobile tail plate, hydraulic dock leveler, lift platform, aerial work platform, hydraulic leg, power units, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic gear pump and other new logistics products.

'No matter where you are we all accompany you around' is SanNeng company service standards, the establishment of dongguan branch, will better implementation of the guidelines, more efficient and fast to improve services to customers in dongguan and the surrounding cities, improve the efficiency of the service quality and service better.

Wish sanenergy electromechanical equipment co., LTD., dongguan branch, the enterprise is thriving, the new journey is more new!

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