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Sanneng Adult tribute

Data: 2020-04-17
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Adult gift to Sanneng Company:

At the age of eighteen, for one person, it means the end of the child ’s age, it means growing up, it means more responsibility, but for a company, the journey of eighteen years is long and full of entrepreneurial Hard and sour. Sanneng has gone through an extraordinary eighteen years. Throughout China's private enterprises, companies that can persist for more than a decade have become phoenixes. For 18 years, Sanneng Company has always been customer-centric, with 'focusing on logistics warehousing, reducing labor intensity, and doubling labor efficiency' as its core value. No matter how the environment changes, it never forgets its original intention and adheres to its own business development concept. Continuous innovation in management has formed a unique three-energy culture. The three-energy brand is more and more popular and recognized by customers. The sales network radiates the whole country and has become an outstanding brand in Guangdong Province and a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.

The development of Sanneng Company to this day is inseparable from this era, the fertile ground of entrepreneurship in Shenzhen, the support of family and friends, the hard work of employees, the trust and love of customers, and the trust and love of customers. Do not start matching cooperation with suppliers. Sanneng is grateful for all its companionship, will take adults as a new starting point, keep pace with the times, root enterprises with excellent culture, aim at the technological frontiers and development trends in this field, strengthen the foundation, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and enhance value Creativity, strive to build a high-quality brand with peace of mind, and at the same time seek new growth points to further consolidate and enhance the influence of Sanneng brand.

Eighteen years old is a memorable and ceremonial day. Here, I wish Sanneng a happy birthday and I like you!

I wish Sanneng Company one step ahead, one day wins, one day forever, and the future generations of Changyu!

Sanneng Adult tribute

Sanneng Adult tribute

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