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Subtle psychological changes

Data: 2018-04-03
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Subtle psychological changes

It's been more than three months since I joined the company, and the time went by quickly. My own view of the tailboard industry! The tail board industry is still not popular in second - and third-tier cities, and the potential market is still very large. At present, the competition in this industry is fierce, the brand is more and more, the price is more and more disorderly, the profit will become thinner and thinner. It is conceivable that the brand will become more and more important to the enterprise. To occupy the second - and third-tier cities the market depends on brand influence.

At present, this society is very lack of honest society. Personally, I think the brand recognition will get higher and higher after the second and third-tier cities. It's really hard to make a product or company a brand. Since we choose to be a brand, we can only climb up the market. We can only grab the market and use more people. The brand influence will be greater. This brand can keep the customer to have and support continuously, see product quality and performance. Of course, the higher the price, the higher the acceptance level.

Personally, I think the company wants to be a brand, and is dedicated to producing this product. The maintenance of this piece should be left to the agent or the person who sells the products of the company. This is good for management, and has enough energy to go to the market. If both of these are to be done, management is difficult to manage, the management is not good, the company will be messy, the service and quality are also difficult to follow, then the brand road will be more difficult. Have a house to have, concentration is professional!

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