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2018 - 03 - 12
Winter comes, the little trick gives your car a warm winter.After entering the winter, the vehicle should take extra care to ensure the long life of the car.First, the tire will become hard and relatively crisp in winter, and the friction coefficient will decrease, so the tyre pressure should not be too high, but not too low. Low external temperatures, low tire pressure, and accelerated aging of tires.In addition, the car owner often cleans the inside of the tread in the winter, avoid to use the tyre to replace more than once, replace the tire with bigger wear.Second, the winter is cold, many ...
2018 - 03 - 12
Three energy company warm reminds you 'what to pay attention to in autumn'  1. Autumn is the peak season for production and transportation, which requires drivers to pay close attention to pedestrian and vehicle dynamics and observe traffic signals and signs. According to the road condition, timely adjust the control speed, the distance, the operation is smooth, ready to be courteous and stop.2. The safety inspection of vehicles should be strengthened during the autumn and winter season, especially the key parts such as braking and direction should be ensured to prevent road traffic accidents ...
2018 - 03 - 12
Energetic three energy company, full of positive energy!!That's a good name! It's easy to understand, and it makes people think of three positive energy,And that's just for short. SanNeng BMSC can let customer satisfaction, can make people feel happy, can let the customer really happily to install a happy to use the tenet of struggling to 15 years, this is also a can in logistics equipment, especially the tail plate industry in today's competition is so fierce so cruel society budding important reason, of course, it also depends on the boss and leadership open field of vision and unique soluti...
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