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2019 - 07 - 23
The hot summer has already arrived. As a technician of the three-energy tailgate, he still sticks to the front line of work and does not slack off. Although the work intensity is great, in the days of sweating, we have already honed our willingness to work hard. The weather is not our roadblock. Time is not a signal that limits our actions. Whether it is wind and rain, or the hot sun, we are always Stick to your position and be ready!In the process of installing or repairing the tailgate in the tailgate, Sanneng personnel have a clear division of labor, concerted efforts, and cooperation, qual...
2019 - 07 - 20
Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the development of all walks of life is closely linked. The logistics industry has also promoted the development of the boarding bridge industry while its own development. The boarding equipment plays a decisive role in the efficiency of logistics loading and unloading. effect. The hydraulic boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for cargo handling used with forklifts. Through it, the forklift can directly enter the interior of the truck compartment from the ground for bulk loading and unloading operations. In the handling, lo...
2019 - 05 - 18
In the tailgate industry for more than a year, the same boring installation work was repeated every day, and I gradually liked the job. The installation of the tailgate is not only a test of physical strength, but also an assessment of the technology. From the post technical training, a preliminary understanding of the basic structure of the tailgate, the installation steps to the one-stop single-shot, and it takes three months to sharpen. The quality requirements of the three tailgates are strict. Only keep in mind the operating specifications and constantly strict requirements, do a good job...
2018 - 04 - 12
Sixteen years later, the fingers were in a hurry; Sixteen years of wind and rain journey, 16 years of philosophy stick to, 16 years of innovation and change, has created the current three energy! She is wise, peaceful, thoughtful, and well-behaved. She is optimistic, open-minded, positive, and full of passion. Inadvertently, the company has gone through 16 years.On April 1, 2018, Sanone Company ushered in its 16th birthday. Sanone Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. organized a corporate collective event held by all staff today-a total length of 6 kilometers.Ready to set out-clear sk...
2019 - 07 - 13
In the market, you can see the boarding bridge everywhere, especially in some large warehouse logistics parks. Nowadays, enterprises are increasingly using the boarding bridge in daily loading and unloading of goods. Which is better for a fixed hydraulic landing bridge and a bag-type boarding bridge? It may not be good for non-professionals to understand the two major products. Today, Sanneng Xiaobian will explain to you:The fixed hydraulic docking bridge is a loading and unloading device that uses the external power supply and utilizes the hydraulic system lifting principle to flexibly connec...
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