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2019 - 05 - 26
There is no exact definition between the boarding bridge and the height adjustment board. For a long time, the height adjustment board is often called the boarding bridge, such as: hydraulic height adjustment board, airbag height adjustment board, mechanical height adjustment. The board can also be called a hydraulic boarding bridge, a bag-type boarding bridge, a mechanical boarding bridge or a built-in boarding bridge; a class of boarding bridges is a mobile boarding bridge (depending on the way of operation, moving Type boarding bridge is divided into manual type and electric type.  ...
2018 - 03 - 12
In order to meet the needs of modern logistics development, in 2012, the relevant departments of the state initiated the revision of the national standard GB1589 "road vehicle external profile dimensions, axle load and quality limit".Now, the revision has lasted two years. What has happened to the domestic logistics industry in two years? What consensus has the relevant authorities reached on the revision of GB1589 standard? How will these changes affect the current logistics industry? Recently, the secretary general of the China federation of logistics and purchasing, ma zengrong, m...
2019 - 05 - 12
The airbag height adjustment plate belongs to one of the height adjustment plate categories, and has a great similarity with the hydraulic height adjustment plate installation method and operation method. The height adjustment board is used for the loading and unloading platform of the modern factory warehouse, and the loading and unloading auxiliary equipment embedded in the platform is flexible, and the cargo platform is flexibly connected with the truck compartments of different heights, so that the loading and unloading vehicles or tools can smoothly enter and exit the truck. Unloading the...
2018 - 03 - 12
The Asia international logistics technology and transport system exhibition opened in Shanghai on October 27. Annually by the China federation of logistics and purchasing, Chinese mechanical engineering society, Hanover milan exhibition company co-sponsored ASIA international logistics technology and transport system (CeMAT ASIA) of the exhibition will be held on October 27 in Shanghai new international expo center, as the largest in ASIA, one of the most important logistics technology, CeMAT ASIA has long been in the industry as a logistics equipment manufacturing a about new technology,...
2019 - 05 - 03
The mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for cargo handling combined with the forklift. It can be moved to any place under the traction of the forklift, and the height can be adjusted according to the height of the carriage. Safe and fast loading and unloading of goods can be achieved with a single operation.The following three can be electromechanical Xiaobian specifically to explain how to use it:1. Read the operating instructions carefully before operating the equipment.2. the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge must ensure that the ground placed is flat and hard b...
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