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2019 - 07 - 20
Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the development of all walks of life is closely linked. The logistics industry has also promoted the development of the boarding bridge industry while its own development. The boarding equipment plays a decisive role in the efficiency of logistics loading and unloading. effect. The hydraulic boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for cargo handling used with forklifts. Through it, the forklift can directly enter the interior of the truck compartment from the ground for bulk loading and unloading operations. In the handling, lo...
2019 - 07 - 13
In the market, you can see the boarding bridge everywhere, especially in some large warehouse logistics parks. Nowadays, enterprises are increasingly using the boarding bridge in daily loading and unloading of goods. Which is better for a fixed hydraulic landing bridge and a bag-type boarding bridge? It may not be good for non-professionals to understand the two major products. Today, Sanneng Xiaobian will explain to you:The fixed hydraulic docking bridge is a loading and unloading device that uses the external power supply and utilizes the hydraulic system lifting principle to flexibly connec...
2019 - 07 - 06
What types of trucks can be installed on the market today? It is a matter of concern to everyone. For now, it is a common phenomenon for trucks to install car tailgates, such as vans, warehouse trucks, light trucks, heavy trucks, etc. After the vehicle is equipped with the tailgate, the loading and unloading of the cargo can be completed by only one person, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor intensity is small, the economic efficiency of the vehicle can be well utilized, and the operational efficiency of the truck driver can be effectively improved. The benefits of installi...
2019 - 06 - 27
The aluminum alloy elevator is made of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy profiles. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, balanced lifting, safe and reliable, good stability, flexible operation and convenient implementation. It can be used in general halls and elevators. It is widely used in factories, hotels, shopping malls, buildings, stations, airports, etc. It is also the best equipment for power line maintenance, equipment maintenance, paint decoration, high-altitude cleaning or household use.The aluminum alloy lifting platform has good workin...
2019 - 06 - 21
With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the automobile tailgate industry has also been rapidly driven. In our daily life, cars with tailgates can be seen everywhere. It can be seen that the tailgates as lifting and unloading equipment bring convenience. It is loved by the logistics and warehousing industry, urban distribution, truck drivers and other people from all walks of life. At present, although self-weight is a major drawback of the tailgate of the car, with the continuous improvement of the policy and the continuous innovation of the tailgate process, the tailgate will se...
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