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2020 - 04 - 17
Adult gift to Sanneng Company:At the age of eighteen, for one person, it means the end of the child ’s age, it means growing up, it means more responsibility, but for a company, the journey of eighteen years is long and full of entrepreneurial Hard and sour. Sanneng has gone through an extraordinary eighteen years. Throughout China's private enterprises, companies that can persist for more than a decade have become phoenixes. For 18 years, Sanneng Company has always been customer-centric, with 'focusing on logistics warehousing, reducing labor intensity, and doubling labor efficiency&#...
2019 - 07 - 23
The hot summer has already arrived. As a technician of the three-energy tailgate, he still sticks to the front line of work and does not slack off. Although the work intensity is great, in the days of sweating, we have already honed our willingness to work hard. The weather is not our roadblock. Time is not a signal that limits our actions. Whether it is wind and rain, or the hot sun, we are always Stick to your position and be ready!In the process of installing or repairing the tailgate in the tailgate, Sanneng personnel have a clear division of labor, concerted efforts, and cooperation, qual...
2019 - 05 - 18
In the tailgate industry for more than a year, the same boring installation work was repeated every day, and I gradually liked the job. The installation of the tailgate is not only a test of physical strength, but also an assessment of the technology. From the post technical training, a preliminary understanding of the basic structure of the tailgate, the installation steps to the one-stop single-shot, and it takes three months to sharpen. The quality requirements of the three tailgates are strict. Only keep in mind the operating specifications and constantly strict requirements, do a good job...
2018 - 04 - 12
Sixteen years later, the fingers were in a hurry; Sixteen years of wind and rain journey, 16 years of philosophy stick to, 16 years of innovation and change, has created the current three energy! She is wise, peaceful, thoughtful, and well-behaved. She is optimistic, open-minded, positive, and full of passion. Inadvertently, the company has gone through 16 years.On April 1, 2018, Sanone Company ushered in its 16th birthday. Sanone Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. organized a corporate collective event held by all staff today-a total length of 6 kilometers.Ready to set out-clear sk...
2018 - 04 - 03
Subtle psychological changesIt's been more than three months since I joined the company, and the time went by quickly. My own view of the tailboard industry! The tail board industry is still not popular in second - and third-tier cities, and the potential market is still very large. At present, the competition in this industry is fierce, the brand is more and more, the price is more and more disorderly, the profit will become thinner and thinner. It is conceivable that the brand will become more and more important to the enterprise. To occupy the second - and third-tier cities the market d...
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