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2020 - 01 - 12
Notes on custom mobile hydraulic boarding bridge:1. Related parameters of the boarding bridgeDue to the different places of use, it is necessary to pay attention to the boarding bridge that can meet the parameters used in this place when customizing. There are probably the following: moving mode, table size, use, working environment, load capacity, lifting height and other detailed parameters.2. Moving methodThere are many ways to move the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge, and users need to customize it according to their needs: manual moving mode, self-moving mode, manual assisting mode, etc....
2020 - 01 - 05
With the rapid development of China's economy and the promotion of favorable policies for the logistics industry, automobile tailgates are a rising industry in China. The market potential of warehouse regulation plates is obvious to all, and the market space is huge. It is foreseeable that the market scale of China's automobile tailgate industry will gradually expand, and competitors participating in the market will gradually increase. At present, the largest tailgate manufacturers in China are all gathered in the Pearl River Delta region. According to incomplete statistics, the total ...
2019 - 11 - 23
As the logistics industry's requirements for transportation efficiency are getting higher and higher, in the past 20 years of development, logistics loading and unloading equipment has attracted more and more attention from users in the country. Coupled with the continuous improvement of relevant policies, standards and regulations, China's logistics handling equipment, especially The board industry is gradually moving on the right track.At present, under the rapid development of China's logistics industry, China's automobile tailgate industry has also been driven. With the con...
2019 - 11 - 17
The fixed lifting platform is a kind of lifting equipment that is more common in our lives. Its application range is wide, such as large mobile equipment transportation and loading and unloading, production lines, work assembly, three-dimensional garage and underground garage. Ideal transportation equipment for loading and unloading goods from the first floor to the second floor, or from the first floor to the third floor, or from the second floor to the third floor, warehousing and logistics, loading and unloading in the attic of the building.The form of fixed lifting platform is diversified,...
2019 - 11 - 10
There are many types of fixed lifting platforms for fixed hydraulic lifting platforms according to different needs. Common ones are fixed scissor lifting platforms and fixed rail lifting platforms.Fixed lifting platform equipment is mainly used for lifting goods between buildings or cargo platforms and trucks, for large-scale mobile equipment transportation, loading and unloading, production line cargo transportation; parts lifting when large equipment is assembled; storage loading and unloading places and forklifts or handling The vehicle is equipped with fast cargo loading and unloading. It ...
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