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2020 - 05 - 03
The correct operation of the hydraulic adjustment plate of the logistics storage loading and unloading platform guides the logistics storage loading and unloading platform with only a single operation, which can realize the safe and fast loading and unloading of the goods. The loading and unloading platform is hydraulically driven and the operation is simple and convenient. It can flexibly connect the cargo bed with the freight cars of different heights, so that the loading and unloading and handling vehicles can enter and exit the freight cars unhindered unhindered. The height is high and the...
2020 - 04 - 17
Adult gift to Sanneng Company:At the age of eighteen, for one person, it means the end of the child ’s age, it means growing up, it means more responsibility, but for a company, the journey of eighteen years is long and full of entrepreneurial Hard and sour. Sanneng has gone through an extraordinary eighteen years. Throughout China's private enterprises, companies that can persist for more than a decade have become phoenixes. For 18 years, Sanneng Company has always been customer-centric, with 'focusing on logistics warehousing, reducing labor intensity, and doubling labor efficiency&#...
2020 - 04 - 17
The height adjustment board (also called fixed boarding bridge) is a special auxiliary equipment for fast cargo loading and unloading, which plays a very important role in the whole storage loading and unloading process. Bridges, forklifts and other handling vehicles can directly drive into the trucks for bulk loading and unloading of goods. Only a single operation is required to realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods. The height adjustment board (also known as: boarding bridge) allows enterprises to reduce a lot of labor, improve work efficiency, and obtain greater economic benefits...
2020 - 04 - 14
The hydraulic tail plate can be divided into the following three forms according to the structure:1. Cantilever tail plateThe structure is more complicated, the load capacity is large, and the angle of the board surface can be adjusted. It is suitable for various special transportation vehicles such as vans, gondola, post, and banks.2. Vertical tail plateThe structure is novel. The chain is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to realize the vertical movement of the load platform. The installation is simple and the load is small. It is mainly used for airport food trucks and gas cylinder transport...
2020 - 04 - 12
In recent years, the installation of tailgates on trucks has become more and more popular. Why is this? Because the popularity of lifting tailgates is also quite high, today I will introduce you to the artifact of hydraulic tailgates. The cost of the logistics industry is getting higher and higher, and large companies have begun to try their best to save operating costs, and gradually a device for lifting the tailgate has been derived.First of all, what is the lift tail plate? Simply put, it is a truck-mounted loading and unloading device that is installed at the rear of the vehicle to facilit...
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