the adjuster


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the adjuster

Sanneng has a team of maintenance engineers with excellent maintenance skills and rich maintenance experience. The engineers have more than 15 years of maintenance experience and have a deep understanding of the hydraulic system, electronic control system, circuit system and other logistics equipment systems, the engineer can complete the large-scale maintenance service project independently.

1. The company provides after-sales service vehicles for the maintenance service team to ensure that the maintenance needs of customers can be met;

2. Maintenance engineers can be on-site diagnosis, maintenance, we adhere to the “Customer first”principle;

3. Three can products in accordance with the national “Three Guarantees”management regulations, in the warranty period within the scope of “Three guarantees”, users can enjoy free repair and maintenance services with invoices or valid vouchers, major parts of the warranty period of one year; All products can enjoy life-long maintenance and repair services;

4. After receiving your notification, we will contact you as soon as possible;