common malfunctions


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common malfunctions

Common failures of tail plate, causes and troubleshooting.

1. No movement: the reasons for this may be as follows:

A: the vehicle with the tailgate is not connected to the power supply, immediately connected to the power supply.

B: to insure a short fuse, switch on the controller immediately and replace the safety tube.

C: Contactor Burned Out, replace contactor immediately.

D: The Connection of the battery head is loose, check the connection of the battery head first, and connect again firmly.

The motor turns, but it can not go up or down.

A: check whether the electromagnetic valve joint is loose, if loose re-connected firmly.

B: to see if the battery is full. C: Check the hydraulic oil is sufficient.

3. The motor does not stop after the button is released:

Immediately turn off the power and check the contacts and buttons for sintering.

Oil leakage in pipeline: check whether the joint is loose, whether the gasket is damaged.

If it is found that the hydraulic system of the tail plate of the car is out of order and can not be used normally, the cause and location of the failure can be judged initially by reference to the above, and then the treatment can be carried out according to the said method.