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Why trucks with lifting plates are becoming more and more popular

In recent years, trucks with lifting plates have become more and more popular. Why? Because the popularity of lifting tail plates is also quite high, today I will introduce you to the artifact of hydraulic tail plates. The cost of the logistics industry is getting higher and higher, and large companies have begun to try their best to save operating costs, and gradually they have derived the lifting tailgate device.

First, let me introduce what is the lifting tailgate. Simply put, it is a kind of on-board loading and unloading equipment installed at the rear of the vehicle to facilitate and improve the efficiency of loading and unloading. The tailgate motor oil pump is mainly driven by the car battery.

1. Three obvious advantages of high efficiency, safety and cost saving

The traditional use of forklifts to load and unload goods by loading and unloading workers or large-scale goods will involve an increase in labor and machinery costs. If the lifting tail plate is installed, only a simple hydraulic trolley or ordinary trolley can be used for loading and unloading. Of course, there is no need for loading and unloading workers when delivering goods. The driver or the co-pilot can complete the work. . To a great extent, the efficiency of loading and unloading goods is improved, and labor costs are also reduced. After the van is installed on the cantilevered truck tail plate, the device becomes a natural "anti-theft door", and there is almost no need to worry about the loss of the goods.

2, strong customization options, more practicality

At present, not all models will be equipped with one type of lifting tail plate. The tail plate manufacturer will provide a more suitable lifting tail plate according to the user’s cargo compartment length and load capacity. It also provides cantilever tail plates, folding tail plates, There are several types of tailboards for users to choose from: vertical lifting tailboard and electric vehicle tailboard.

3. The policy is constantly improving. Trucks with tailgates can cross the line

With the continuous improvement of the policy, the trucks currently on the announcement can be directly installed with the tail plate to cross the line, and there is no need to remove the tail plate during the annual inspection, which greatly saves the time of the previous disassembly and assembly process.

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