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Fixed hydraulic control panel

Fixed hydraulic control panel

The fixed hydraulic regulating plate is a special auxiliary equipment for the rapid loading and unloading of goods. Its height regulating function enables a bridge to be built between the truck and th...


The fixed hydraulic regulating plate is a special auxiliary equipment for the rapid loading and unloading of goods. Its height regulating function enables a bridge to be built between the truck and the platform of the warehouse, forklifts and other handling vehicles through the adjustment plate can be directly driven into the interior of the truck for the bulk loading and unloading of goods. The fixed electro-hydraulic loading and unloading platform is suitable for the situations where platforms can not be built on the spot (there is no way to install the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge) and there is no space for placing the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge, it is a kind of lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide scope of application. It is mainly used for quick loading and unloading of goods in the storage and loading place and the supporting of forklifts and other handling vehicles, product line height difference between the delivery of goods; material on-line, off-line; workpiece assembly height adjustment; high feeder feeding; large equipment assembly parts lifting; large machine tools feeding, feeding and so on. According to the operation requirements, the fixed hydraulic lifting table can be equipped with other additional devices, and can be any number or combination, can achieve better use effect.

Operating Instructions

1. Ascent:

Press and hold the rise button, the faceplate cylinder elongates, lifts the faceplate, when the highest position is reached, the approach plate cylinder begins to work, the approach plate opens.

2. Working Process:

Release the rising button, hydraulic control panel in the role of self-weight, slowly fall. When the approach plate is put on the bottom plate of the truck (15cm above the overlap) , it can work.

(if the floor of the truck is below the level of the platform, pull the chain down and press it against the floor of the truck during the fall.)

3. End the process:

When the cargo is loaded, press and hold the lift button, lift the panel, the approach plate automatically reset, when the panel is lifted to a certain height, and then release the button, hydraulic control plate under self-weight, slowly reset.

Control Board advantage

Hydraulic control panel is suitable for all walks of life, such as manufacturing, logistics, commercial, military, banking and other loading and unloading platform on-site. It has the following advantages:

1. Simple, single button operation.

Italy imported hydraulic power unit (380V, 50/Hz) , stable performance.

3, the main board surface with “BCP 400”, high-strength non-slip pattern steel plate.

4, the motherboard bottom uses six 140 # “I”word steel as the keel, than the traditional U-shaped plate reinforcement is more durable, the motherboard surface torsion resistance is greatly enhanced.

5, open type loose leaf joint design, longitudinal vertical welding, welding part increase 300% , loose leaf and plate surface and keel into one, scientific distribution transmission structure, joint support ability increase more than three times, life insurance;

6. Hard chromium plating process for loose-leaf shaft. Loose-leaf and shaft rotation smoothly, and wear-resistant, not easy to rust, match the overall performance;

7. The keel and the plate surface and the main structure adopt the air protection welding technology

8. Two 20-ton safety pin devices to support loading and unloading of the full truck, when there is no loose-leaf connecting board in the truck compartment, the adjusting board does not need to stretch out the loose-leaf connecting board, the forklift can directly drive up the adjusting board to load and unload the first row of goods; When supporting loading and unloading operation, the supporting feet keep the horizontal position of the platform in the case of accidental departure of the truck, so as to reduce the risk of forklift or operator falling off the platform.

9, equipment paint surface for baking paint processing, beautiful, wear-resistant. The anti-collision glue is made of fiber belt Seiko, which is solid and durable.

10. Optional safety valve lock feature or explosion-proof configuration.

11, after the joint with the excessive plate, to avoid the operation of the protrusion point;

12, both sides full-time safety foot baffle, edge with yellow/black warning belt;

13. Safety support bar to ensure safety in pit cleaning and maintenance; open base design for easy cleaning and maintenance.