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Common fault maintenance problems of truck tail lift

The newly installed truck tail lift will not cause problems, but as the time of use becomes longer and longer, some malfunctions are inevitable. Since the tailgate of a car is a hydraulic equipment, oil leakage is a common problem of the tailgate of a car. This problem is not big or small. If it is not dealt with in time, it will slowly affect the performance of the tailgate.

1. No oil pressure: the hydraulic oil level is too low, the oil pump is damaged, add hydraulic oil, repair or replace the oil

2. There is no response after use, the possible reasons are as follows:

The power supply of the vehicle with the tailgate is not connected, please connect the power supply

Fuse some fuse, open the wire controller, and replace the fuse.

The contactor is burned out, replace the contactor

If the connection of the battery head is loose, check the connection of the battery head first and reconnect it firmly.

3. Oil leakage in the pipeline: the sealing ring is worn, the pipe joint is loose, and there are cracks in the electric welding. Replace the sealing ring. Re-tighten. Re-welding

4. The motor does not stop when the button is released when the button is lifted in place: turn off the power immediately, and check whether the contactor and button are sintered.

5. Oil cylinder leakage: the seal ring is worn, the cylinder assembly is worn, replace the seal ring. Replace the cylinder assembly.

6. The motor rotates, but the lift can't or can't lift, the reasons are as follows:

Check whether the solenoid valve connector is loose, if it is loose, reconnect it firmly

See if the battery is sufficient

Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient

7. Oil leakage in the pipeline: check whether the joint is loose and the gasket is damaged