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Advantages and precautions of truck tail lift

Tail lifts are also called car lifting tail plates, car loading and unloading tail plates, lifting tail plates, and hydraulic truck tail plates, which are hydraulic lifting and loading equipment installed at the rear of automobiles and various vehicles. It can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and is more effective and safer than manual handling. At present, the tailgates of lift cars in China have been used in various fields. There are also many types of hydraulics on the tail lifts of trucks, which can adapt to the different needs of various models. Advantages of truck tailgate:

1. Economy: Installing a tail plate can save 2-3 porters, greatly reducing labor costs.

2. Fast: Just operate the button to control the lifting of the tail plate, and then you can easily transfer the goods between the ground and the carriage.

3. Safety: The loading and unloading of goods using the truck tail lift becomes easy without manual labor, which avoids damage to the goods during the loading and unloading process and injuries caused by improper manual operations. Especially for special transport vehicles with dangerous goods, the use of tail plates is safer and more reliable.

4. Efficient: The loading and unloading of the tailboard is not restricted by the site and personnel. One person can complete loading and unloading, save resources, improve efficiency, and can play a good role in vehicle economic benefits.

5. Labor saving: one person can easily load and unload about two tons of goods, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and makes the loading and unloading more user-friendly.


(1) The use of the tailgate of the car must be trained before operation and maintenance. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate without authorization.

(2) When working on the tailgate, no one is allowed to enter the work area, please pay attention to the safety distance.

(3) The tailgate must be operated with both hands when opening and closing the door. While holding down the "Grab" button, press the "Up" or "Down" button.

(4) If the vehicle is driven with the tailgate open, it may cause the cargo to fall or collide. After finishing the work, make sure to fold and lock the tail plate.

(5) When the tailgate is used to load and unload cargo or containers with wheels, in order to prevent the cargo from accidentally falling from the edge of the platform, a stop device with a height of not less than 50mm should be installed under the wheels of the cart.

(6) Do not stand on the tail plate to perform lifting operations. When you need to perform this operation, you must pay attention to personnel falling and safety.

(7) Loading the cargo 300mm from the tail of the board (the red warning line on the board) will cause the tail board to tilt. The accident of falling cargo should be prohibited

(8) The quality of the cargo should not exceed the limit load. The load capacity varies according to the loading position of the goods. Please refer to the load curve for the position of the cargo weight and the specified weight.

(9) Do not tilt the board surface during loading to prevent the goods from slipping off; do not adjust the angle of the board during loading.

(10) It is forbidden to use tailboards in places with large slopes, uneven ground and obstacles.

(11) It is strictly forbidden to use an electric forklift to open the tailgate to load and unload goods.

(12) The cargo should be as close as possible to the root of the platform (do not exceed the platform). In order to prevent the goods from falling, the load on the elevator at the rear of the truck must be even, and it is forbidden to carry heavy goods on one side.

(13) When operating the tailboard, please make sure that your hands and feet are clamped